About Us

Don Allan Associates, Inc. is a Global Executive Search firm founded in 1981. We specialize in the recruitment of Information Technology Executives on a Global basis. Our customized unbundled executive staffing service, includes both retainer and contingency search, offers you the ability to choose the exact extent of recruiting services necessary for each assignment while controlling your cost. The approach is logical, creative and very cost effective.

Focus - We are focused on promptly satisfying our Clients' specific needs for top Executive Talent in a confidential and professional manner. We recruit for a wide range of Information Technology clients within the Computer, Software, Services, Systems Integration, E-Learning, Medial and Healthcare, Telecommunications, and Interactive-Multimedia environments. Search assignments cover a broad range of disciplines. Our primary focus is Management, Sales, Marketing and Technical assignments.

Don Allan Associates believes that the primary asset of any Corporation is its people. It is our mission to to have a very good understanding of both the Client's and Candidate's criteria and to bring right people to the client within the Client's timetable.

Don Allan Associates is a "Preferred Member" of Top Echelon Network, Inc., the largest and most prestigious network of independent executive search firms in the United States.

Candidates have the opportunity of searching thousands of job assignments at no cost.

Clients have the luxury of viewing pre-qualified candidates and also the opportunity to post their current jobs on a discrete national basis.

Whether you are a candidate looking for a new career assignment or a client company looking to add talented individuals to their staff, we welcome the opportunity to serve your needs.

We are a full-service, executive recruitment firm placing technical, managerial and executive candidates nationwide. Whether you are a job seeker looking for a new career or a hiring manager seeking to fill open positions, we will assist you in all aspects of your staffing needs.

Job Seekers

We invite you to Search thousands of jobs for free. These job openings are the best jobs offered by some of the finest companies in the world. With your permission, we will represent you directly to our client companies.

Search Top Echelon job opportunities by entering keywords, preferred state location, salary and/or hourly range, and type of position.

Let us know which jobs you match! All you have to do is insert the job in your job briefcase and create your Online Resume. We will contact you if the hiring official at the client company has interest in your online resume. In all cases, we will keep your resume on record for other Top Echelon job opportunities.

Visit today's Hottest Jobs to see my latest positions. This listing is updated on a daily basis. Call us today at 858.538.7600 or email us at resumes@globalstaffing.com

Corporate Clients

You won't want to miss today's Hottest Candidates! These candidates are updated on a daily basis. Select candidates that interest you and insert them into your candidate briefcase. Complete your client profile and deliver your briefcase to us. Call us today at 858.538.7600 or email us at: resumes@globalstaffing.com to discuss how we can help you.

We can provide you with a multitude of services which enable us to customize a search or staffing solution for your individual needs. These services include the following: retained and contingency search, contract staffing, temporary staffing, and outplacement.

Retained Search: Assignments are generally reserved for rushed or extremely sensitive assignments and typically involves a partial advanced payment that gives priority to your assignment. The full payment is not contingent upon placement.

Contingency Search: Payment of search fees are "contingent" on the hiring of a referred candidate. Based on your requirements, we conduct an in-depth search but only receive payment when we produce results.

Contract Staffing: Allows you to bring in professional-level employees for a specific length of time or for a specific project. Top Echelon Contracting, Inc., allows us to supply our client companies with top-notch professionals for a specific length of time or for a specific project. Top Echelon Contracting becomes the contractor's legal Employer of Record™, freeing our client from all the administrative paperwork including taxes and workers' compensation, payroll processing, unemployment liabilities, etc.

Temporary Staffing: For short-term and/or project needs. Originally used primarily as replacements for office or light industrial workers, temporary help is used across a broad range of skills and occupations to substitute for employees on leave, on vacation, in emergencies, or to provide supplemental support where there are temporary skills shortages, or to lend technical expertise to specific projects, or for peak load needs.

Outplacement: Designed to assist terminated employees in preparing for and finding new employment through short-term or long-term counseling and support services, on a group or individual basis.


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